Are you looking for…

Practical tools that you can use from the get-go?

A personalized approach to meet you where you are in your journey?

Then you’re in the right place.

But coaching with me gives you much more!

You also get:


An accountability partner to help you stay on track.


A structured approach rooted in positive psychology to bring calm to the chaos.


A brainstorming partner to give you a safe space to explore challenges.


A reliable guide to help you gain those insights and ‘a-ha’ moments you’re looking for.


And a coaching portal to provide you with ongoing support between our sessions.

So how does it all work?

In short, you can expect:

1. The Chemistry Call

It all starts with this call. In the call we’ll explore your challenges, answer any lingering questions. and take the opportunity to gauge if our engagement would be the best fit for you.

If I am the right coach for you then that’s great and we’ll move forward, but if not, I’ll share whatever resources and recommendations I have to help you on your journey.

2. The Engagement

If we decide to work together, the onboarding process kicks off and you’ll get access to the coaching portal to start your journey and book your first session.

In that first session, we’ll build on what we discussed in the chemistry call to craft your goal, identify which key challenges and blockers to focus on first, and then we’ll systematically start tackling each of them in the subsequent sessions.

In each session we’ll discuss an aspect you’re struggling with and I’ll share insights and exercises that will help you tackle them. We’ll also agree on an action plan between sessions to help you take on those challenges and take the necessary steps to reach your goal.

3. The Support

Throughout the engagement you’ll have access to the coaching portal where you’ll have a record of our session notes, a selection of personalized worksheets to support your journey, and a host of other functionality to help you track and share your progress.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to message me directly about anything you’re struggling with so you can get direct support between our sessions as well.

Let’s take a closer look at the coaching portal.

It allows you to:


Have a summary of each of our sessions so you don’t have to worry about taking notes.


Have worksheets that build on and support what we discuss in the sessions.


Track actions and metrics to help you have a record of progress as you get closer to your goal.


Have a convenient way to book meetings and get in touch with me directly.


Have a space to brainstorm and journal down any ideas or thoughts that you want to collaborate on.


AND it allows you to do it all on the go as it’s a web app so it works directly on your phone.

What to expect behind the scenes.

Other useful features:


Calendar integration


Metric and action updates via email


Adjustable notifications and reminders

Ready to take your leap and fast track your professional development journey?