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Beating Procrastination

This is for you if you:

Feel stuck in the procrastination cycle and you’re ready to get out of your own way.

Sign up and dive into: 

  • What drives procrastination.
  • How to set intentions when you’re overwhelmed.
  • Questions to ask yourself to spur action.
  • And how to bounce back faster.

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Quieting Your Inner Critic

This is for you if you:

Are tired of the negative self-talk loops and you want to give your inner cheerleader a voice.

Sign up and dive into: 

  • The different types of negative self-talk.
  • How to turn the tide on it.
  • Questions to keep your inner critic in check.
  • And how to be kinder to yourself.
Mini-Challenge Inner Critic

Finding the Positive in the Chaos

This is for you if you:

Delay enjoying your ‘now’ because you haven’t achieved your goals yet.

Sign up and dive into: 

  • The types of savouring.
  • How to bring in contentment in your goal journey.
  • Questions to guide appreciation.
  • And how to find enjoyment in the ‘now’.

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Coach Tip:

If all of these challenges resonate with you, resist the urge to sign up for them all at once. Choose the one that resonates most and start there to avoid feeling overwhelmed and then come back to do the next one later so you give each challenge you’re facing enough attention.

Map Your Balance Wheel

Balancing your work and life responsibilities can be hard and there are so many elements to consider – your work deadlines, your family, your friends, your health, finding time for yourself, pursuing your hobbies and and and…

It can seem impossible because it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day.

And you’re right! There aren’t enough hours in the day if you’re adding more and more to your list.

That’s why I created this Balance Wheel to give you a visual view of the underlying elements that impact balance.

It focuses on:

  • Your energy levels
  • Your ability to ask for help
  • Your boundaries
  • Your support system
  • Your stress management
  • And 7 other categories that impact balance.

By shifting the focus to those underlying elements, it gives you the ability to pinpoint where you want to focus your attention first so that you can start making a real change instead of only focusing on the ever-growing list of to-do’s.

Balance Wheel

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