My career journey has been quite unique.

Which has meant that my professional development journey has been unique and varied too. The challenges I’ve faced and the type of support I’ve needed changed a number of times and continues to do so in this fast-paced world we live in.

And I found this is true for a lot of people.

Hi there, I’m Liz Pretorius!

And I’m on a mission to help people in their own unique career journeys have the support they need to become the confident successful versions of themselves they want to be.

These days we have more opportunities than ever and these opportunities are on a global scale which can be incredibly empowering but also overwhelming. Because ‘you can do anything’ means you get to choose a career path from a seemingly endless list of options – be that as an employee, a consultant, a freelancer, a business owner, or any number of options.

But I found that often it’s not about choosing just one path, but rather exploring who you are, building your skillset, and weaving in your passions to build a career journey that is fulfilling for you. In the video below I answer some questions about my journey and how I got to where I am now as a professional development coach and the founder of Leap with a summary of my career paths just below it.

My First Career:

  • Teaching English in South Korea for five years after finishing my BCom Honours degree in Management at Rhodes University in South Africa.
  • Learned a lot about myself by stepping so far out of my comfort zone.
  • Followed my creative interests and did courses on photography, corporate event planning, interior design, and wrote my Korean proficiency exam.

My Second Career:

  • Being a Business Operations Manager for a number of SMEs in the IT industry back in South Africa.
  • Did this for over 8 years and gained a lot of practical experience on how to set up and run businesses – I wore a lot of hats!
  • Focused on continuously upskilling in this time and completed a number of short courses and workshops as well as my Technical Financial Accounting diploma.

My Third Career:

  • Founding Leap in September 2022 and working as a professional development coach.
  • Got my New Insights Life Coaching certification prior to starting Leap to complement my business experience.
  • Still heavily investing in professional development as a business owner and a coach to give my clients those ‘lifechanging’ experiences they want. 

But my journey has required a lot of ‘leaps’ and a lot of learnings.

Biggest leaps I’ve taken:


Moving to South Korea when I’d never left the country or had been on a plane before that.


Moving to Cape Town with only interviews lined up to start my second career.


Getting married to a partner that supports me, challenges me, and inspires me to keep growing.


Starting my own coaching business and stepping out from behind the scenes.

My most impactful learnings:


Setting boundaries and learning how to say no to others and myself.


Learning to lean on my support network and ask for help instead of doing it all myself.


Discovering my identity outside of work and harnessing my unique strengths and skills.


Finding practical ways to handle perfectionism and fear of failure.

And that’s what I want to help you with.


To embrace your unique experiences, strengths, and skills.


To set clearer boundaries and learn how to ask for help to prevent burnout.


To face the fears that come with your challenges.


To regain focus and clarity on what you want to achieve.


To tackle the unknowns and challenges you face with confidence.


To be accountable to yourself and make your goals a reality.


To have a safe space to brainstorm and explore options.


And to have the support to succeed in your career AND your life.

So if you’re ready to explore your own leaps, get in touch or check out the free resources to get started.

Still not sure if what you’re looking for is covered?

Check out what professional development has meant to my clients.

Overcoming their fear of rejection and confidently networking with potential partners.

Building their confidence in their own abilities and keeping their imposter syndrome at bay.

Finding their own voice and learning to set boundaries and say no.

Regaining their freedom by building in balance instead of only focusing on being ‘productive’.

Redefining their worth outside of what they do and the role they fulfill at work.

Exploring practical ways to build additional revenue streams and evaluate ideas.

Managing their reactivity, understanding their triggers, and navigating conflict better.

Learning to acknowledge the positives and progress instead of only focusing on the problems.

Overcoming limiting beliefs to charge for the value they offer instead of the hours they sell.

Sounds like what you’re looking for?

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