Investing in coaching is a big decision.

That’s why transparency and flexibility are key elements in my coaching packages so you can have the level of support you need without the budgetary guesswork.

Dedicated 1:1 Coaching Options

Diving In Retainer:

A fast-paced weekly coaching engagement to help you tackle pressing challenges so you can regain focus and clarity as you navigate the uncertainties you’re facing with confidence.

    This is for you if:
    • You’re facing new and unfamiliar challenges and you’re not sure how to tackle them.
    • You’ve tried tackling it all alone, but feel like you’re stuck in your own echo chamber.
    • You feel like the pressure is pushing you to burn out and you want to prevent that.
    • You feel overwhelmed and the crisis management mode is making it hard to prioritize because everything feels important.
    What you get:
    • Weekly sessions to have quick implementation and feedback loops.
    • Dedicated coaching portal access to have a clear record of progress, experiments, and results.
    • Ongoing asynchronous support between sessions.
    • A dedicated objective sounding board to help you step out of the chaos and get perspective on the challenges you’re facing.
    What you invest:
    • 1-3 hours of your time weekly for a minimum of 2 months to dedicate to problem-solving and growth.
    • An open mind with a willingness to experiment and be challenged.
    • Monthly payments of $520 per month.
    • Local is lekker pricing available for fellow South Africans.

    Taking the Leap


    A bi-weekly coaching engagement focused on helping you turn your ‘one-day’ goals into reality as you tackle challenges and start getting out of your own way.

      This is for you if:
      • You’ve got a lot of amazing ideas, but struggle with turning them into a reality.
      • You feel like there’s always something that gets in the way of you truly trying – including your own doubts and fears.
      • You’re not clear on how to implement your ideas and feel overwhelmed by the thought of it.
      • You want to go after your goals, but want to do it in a way where you avoid burnout.
      What you get:
      • Bi-weekly sessions to build and maintain momentum.
      • Dedicated coaching portal access to set and track key actions and metrics for added accountability.
      • Ongoing asynchronous support between sessions.
      • A dedicated brainstorming partner to help you navigate the challenges that come with taking on those amazing ‘one-day’ goals while keeping a healthy balance in mind.
      What you invest:
      • 1-3 hours of your time weekly for a minimum of 3 months to step out of the day-to-day and focus on your longer-term goals and growth.
      • Commitment, enthusiasm and an openness to dive deeper as you build the life you want.
      • Monthly payments of $270 per month.
      • Local is lekker pricing available for fellow South Africans.

      Staying on Track


      A slower-paced monthly coaching engagement to help you stay accountable to your future self as you work towards your goals, learn new tools, and utilize your resources fully.

        This is for you if:
        • You’ve got a goal you’re working towards, but want an accountability partner to help you stay on track.
        • You’ve tried doing it alone, but struggle with figuring out where to focus your limited resources.
        • You feel stuck with the challenges you face and want a brainstorming partner to help you get unstuck.
        • You’re tired of making slow progress and want to turn up the dial and not hold yourself back anymore.
        What you get:
        • Monthly sessions to clarify and set your focus for the upcoming month.
        • Dedicated coaching portal access to track your progress and complete self-discovery exercises.
        • Ongoing asynchronous support between sessions.
        • A dedicated accountability partner to challenge you and help you get out of your own way so you can really go after your goals.
        What you invest:
        • 3-5 hours of your time monthly for a minimum of 6 months to dedicate to your goal tasks and growth.
        • Dedication and commitment to your future self and a willingness to do self-discovery.
        • Monthly payments of $140 per month.
        • Local is lekker pricing available for fellow South Africans.

        Sound good and want to get started?

        See how others have benefited…

        “Liz is incredible and has helped me immensely over these last 6 months. Her approach is calm and effective and she has an amazing ability to articulate my thoughts into actionable tasks. She uses great tools which have helped me reframe my thoughts and shift perspectives.

        I love working with Liz and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for support, clarification, and development on their leadership or business journey.”


        General Manager

        “When Liz entered my professional life, I felt stuck, circling numerous ideas but lacking the confidence and know-how to progress. Nearly a year later, I’ve experienced significant personal and business growth.

        I’ve accomplished many ideas that I previously lacked the courage to pursue. Reflecting on my list of aspirations, I’m amazed by the progress I’ve made.

        Thanks to Liz, I now possess the confidence and expertise to thrive. I am really looking forward to the road ahead.”



        Owner and Founder

        “I’ve had the greatest pleasure to work with Liz as my coach for the last year, and it’s been such a life-changing experience.

        I know that word gets thrown around a lot, and oftentimes hyperbolically, but my sessions with her have truly changed the way I look at my time, priorities, challenges, and work-life integration. She’s helped me build more constructive frameworks through which to view all of those things.”



        Head of Growth

        Ready to join the ranks and start your own journey?

        Or if this is out of the budget at the moment check out the Strategy Session option below!

        Just want a one-off 1:1 session instead?

        Get in touch about a 60-minute Strategy Session, for only $109*.

        No frills, no portal, only 60 minutes of dedicated time to tackle the challenge you’re facing.

        Slots are limited each month, so complete the form and let’s set up your session.

        *Local is lekker pricing available for fellow South Africans.

        One-Off Strategy Session

        What others said about their Strategy Sessions…

        “Liz is a great listener, I felt so much lighter after the session and she helped me gain clarity and perspective on a few things I was struggling with in the business.

        Sometimes you really need a sounding board to help you on your journey, to point out things you are missing, and to guide you in the right direction.

        Focused on:

        Getting ready to scale after feeling like she hit a plateau in her business.


        Founder and Coach

        “It is really worthwhile to speak to Liz and with the questions she asks, you gain clear direction and valuable tools on how to move forward in a more positive manner as well as with clarity.

        Liz goes into great detail and really wants to understand exactly where you are coming from and what you are finding challenging. I also felt like Liz had all the time in the world and I felt unrushed.

        I admired her knowledge on what I was doing, as she had made the time to look at my profile on the website of the company I work for part time. It was a most valuable 1 hour session.”

        Focused on:

        Narrowing down opportunities to focus on to avoid burning out.


        Founder and Coach

        “Liz is a master coach in helping you see your blind spots! I wasn’t sure what to expect but after my session with Liz I walked away with various tangible action items and tools to help me organize my thoughts, visualize my future with the brand, and put one foot in front of the other.

        Sometimes my thoughts can be paralyzing and overwhelming but I’m now able to take easy action steps that I wasn’t able to see before.” 

        Focused on:

        Getting unstuck as she tackles the launch of her new business.



        Owner and Founder

        Have some more questions?

        What makes Leap different from other coaching businesses?

        At Leap I focus on taking a holistic approach. We start with professional development goals but we focus on YOU AS A WHOLE because work and life aren’t things that can be separated. You are still at the center of it all.

        With my unique blend of business and coaching experience we can seamlessly tackle both professional and personal challenges as they come up and the tools and techniques you learn can be used in all aspects of your life.

        Working with me gives you a blend of life, career, business, and executive coaching so that you don’t have to worry about finding an expert in each field.

        How do I know that Leap is right for me?

        This is actually a really important question because finding the right coach that you ‘click’ with is just as important as having one that has the right skills and experience. After all, you need to feel comfortable being open and honest with this person for months. 

        So to help you choose the right coach I offer a free guide on the Home page on ‘How to Choose a Coach in 3 Easy Steps‘. This guide provides the key elements to consider and one of those key elements is the ‘chemistry check’ which is why I offer a free no-obligation Chemistry Call. In the call we discuss your current situation, your challenges, and we see if working together is the right fit.

        If it’s not I’ll share whatever resources I may have that can help you on your journey and if it is the right fit we’ll move forward with the onboarding process.

        The focus is always on you and what will serve you best.

        Is coaching like therapy?

        The short answer is no. I am not a trained therapist.

        Coaching focuses on your present and future, while therapy is conducted by a trained professional that helps you work through past events. Coaching can touch on past events, but the focus remains on how those events influence you presently, in order to take you from good to great.

        It aligns much more closely to sports coaching – where the coach engages with the player, pushes them, guides them and provides insights along the way to put them in a position to succeed.

        What are the risks with coaching?

        The biggest risk is signing up and not committing to the process.

        Coaching is only as effective as you make it, just like a sports coach, the result of the game is still up to the player. This is your adventure and if you choose to invest in it and put in the effort and time, then there is no risk.

        How safe is my data on the portal and can I have access to it after our engagement ends?

        The coaching portal is managed by a US based company called CoachAccountable and they are not only fully GDPR compliant, but they also actively maintain the security of the data and take privacy very seriously. As much as I would love to say that I managed to whip up a sleek portal, that is not where my strengths lie, and I opted to leave it to the experts in order to focus on what I do best and that is give my clients the best possible coaching experience.

        This means that your data is available to you at any time and you have the option to request a full download of all it. You will also have Lifetime Access to your records after our coaching engagement ends as you’ll continue to have view-only access to the portal. Additionally, you’ll also be able to still contact me directly via it for any queries.

        In the event you want all records purged from the system, you can also request that, so you are in control of your information at all times.

        What is the refund and cancellation policy?

        No refunds are given, however there is a 30-day notice period for agreement cancellations if you feel that this process is not for you.