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    Mini-Challenge Inner Critic

    Are you tired of…

    • Beating yourself up
    • Lacking confidence
    • Feeling stuck in an endless of loop of critiques
    • Letting your self-doubts control how you show up
    • And talking yourself out of taking on opportunities?

    Are you ready to…

    • Have the ability to break those negative loops
    • Be kinder to yourself
    • Give your inner supporter a voice
    • Feel more confident
    • And embrace the opportunities that cross your path?

    Then this 4-week challenge is for you!

    Each week you’ll receive bite-sized coaching tips, tools, and insights straight to your inbox to help you turn the tide on your inner critic. 

    We’ll cover:

    • The different types of negative self-talk.
    • How to turn the tide on that stream of negativity.
    • The questions to ask to keep your inner critic in check.
    • And ways to be kinder to yourself.

    Sound good? Then start your journey today!